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Journal papers

Pavličev M, Romero R, Mitteroecker P (in press) Evolution of the human pelvis and obstructed labor: New explanations of an old obstetrical dilemma. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology

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Book contributions

Weber GW, Gunz P, Neubauer S, Mitteroecker P, Bookstein FL (2012) Digital South African Fossils: Morphological studies using reference based reconstruction and electronic preparation. African Genesis: Perspectives on Hominin Evolution. Reyolds SC, Gallagher A (eds.) Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. p. 298-316

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Assessment of human preadolescent cranial growth and its implications for human evolution (2001) Master Thesis, Advisors: Fred Bookstein, Horst Seidler.

Evolutionary and developmental morphometrics of the hominoid cranium (2007) Ph.D. Thesis, Advisors: Fred Bookstein, Gerhard Weber, Horst Seidler. pdf

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