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Student Opportunities

To interested students we offer the opportunity to participate in research activities in our department. This possibility is open for undergraduate as well as graduate students in biology and also for students from other disciplines such as mathematics, statistics, computer science, or philosophy. In addition we offer internships for students or researchers from other institutions. 

Students may contact us for opportunities to conduct a master thesis or Ph.D. thesis in one of the following fields:

3D imaging in developmental biology, biometrics and morphometrics, theoretical and experimental approaches to EvoDevo, theoretical and computational anatomy, evolutionary theory, philosophy of biology.


For students interested to work at our department we recommend the following courses:

300684 VO Basic Principles of Theoretical Biology. Gerd Müller (summer semester)
300685 VO EvoDevo: Evolution of developmental processes. Ulrich Technau, Gerd Müller (summer semester)
300182 SE Selected problems in the philosophy of biology. Gerd Müller, Werner Callebaut (summer semester)
300039 VO Introduction to multivariate statistics. Philipp Mitteröcker, Philipp Gunz (summer semester)
300463 VO Selection - Theoretical principles and methodology. Hans Leo Nemeschkal (summer semester)
300067 VO Introductory morphometrics (Biometry II) - Principles of multivariate statistics. Hans Leo Nemeschkal (summer semester)
300530 UE Imaging and visualization in developmental biology - Principles and applications, including 3 D Methods. Brian Metscher, Stephan Handschuh, Petra Pokorny (winter semester)
300188 VO Theoretical Morphology. Philipp Mitteröcker (winter semester)
300357 UE Mathematical Basics for Theoretical Biology. Philipp Mitteröcker, Joachim Hermisson, Michael Kopp, Maximilian Petrasko, Petra Pokorny (winter semester)

Depending on the students, these courses are given in English or German.

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