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Kin, K., Maziarz, J., Chavan, A. R., Kamat, M., Vasudevan, S., Birt, A., Emera, D., Lynch, V. J., Ott, T. L., Pavlicev, M., & Wagner, G. P. (2016). The Transcriptomic Evolution of Mammalian Pregnancy: Gene Expression Innovations in Endometrial Stromal Fibroblasts. Genome Biology and Evolution, 8(8), 2459-73.


Fave, M-J., Johnson, R. A., Cover, S., Handschuh, S., Metscher, B. D., Mueller, G. B., Gopalan, S., & Abouheif, E. (2015). Past climate change on Sky Islands drives novelty in a core developmental gene network and its phenotype. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 15, [183].

Showing entries 80 - 100 out of 332