Morphometrics and multivariate biostatistics

Quantitative representations of organismal form are central to many biological and biomedical research questions. We advance and apply methods in geometric morphometrics and multivariate biostatistics to study variation of organismal form during development and evolution and its association with genetic and environmental factors. We particularly focus on meaningful reifications of multivariate statistical concepts in contemporary evolutionary and developmental biology. Our work also includes various medical applications.

 Related projects

  • FWF project P 33736 Stand-Alone (2020 - present)
    Evolvability of inner and middle ears in birds and mammals (PI Philipp Mitteröcker)
    Keywords: evolution, mammals, inner ear, middle ear, morphometrics, evolvability
  • FWF project P 29397 Stand-Alone (2016 - 2019)
    Developmental canalization in the human head (PI Philipp Mitteröcker)
    Keywords: morphometrics, cranial growth, theoretical biology, genetic mapping, fluctuating asymmetry, orthodontics