Dominik Huemer

Master's Student



 About me

I am a Master's student of Doz. Dr. Günter Gollmann preparing a thesis on the topic "Population
dynamics of the European fire-bellied toad, Bombina bombina, in Upper Lobau (Donau-Auen
National Park, Vienna)".

This study aims to compare two populations of fire-bellied toads in Upper Lobau and to interpret
potential differences between them in the context of their different habitat conditions, using data
that have been collected during the summer seasons of 2015 to 2021. Software supported image
identification of photos of adult European fire-bellied toads will be used to establish a database
including the capture history of each individual animal that had been captured and released over the
studied period. Capture-recapture models will be applied to calculate the probability of survival and
recruitment for both populations separately.