Janis Czurda

Master's student


 About me

I am a Master’s student of Doz. Dr. Günter Gollmann preparing a thesis on the topic “Genetic population structure in the crested newt contact zone in Vienna (Triturus carnifex, Triturus dobrogicus, Salamandridae).”

The population structure of the Viennese crested newts has never been investigated on a molecular level although several signs point to hybridization between the two locally occurring species. Triturus species are parapatrically distributed across Europe and share narrow contact zones with hybridity being expected to some extent as intermediate morphotypes are regularly encountered. DNA introgression has been reported for other locations in various manifestations from no genetic exchange at all to frequently occurring DNA introgression. The description of contact zones and population structures can have implications on conservation measures and broadens common knowledge of locally occurring, protected species such as the Triturus crested newts.