Julia Klein

Master's Student
Master's Defensio: February 9th, 2022


 About me

I am a Master’s student of Univ. Doz. Dr. Harald Ahnelt preparing a thesis on the topic "Fish hyperostosis – since long known, still enigmatic". 

The term “hyperostosis” refers to the periosteal formation of excess bone. Such hyperossifications lead to an increase of the bone volume and to an external swollen appearance, and overgrowth of bone. I am interested if functional units of the skeleton like e.g. the neurocranium or the oral jaws and the suspensory are differently affected by hyperostosis. Therefore, in a review, all fish taxa and all bones which are affected by hyperostosis, will be registered. Additionally I will investigate hyperostotic skeletons of selected fish species in comparison with unaffected skeletons of conspecifics.

Hyperostosis in carangid fishes (from Smith-Vaniz et al. 1995)