Laura Koch

Master's Student


 About me

I am a Master’s student of Univ. Doz. Dr. Harald Ahnelt preparing a thesis on the topic "Get small if it gets uncomfortable. Character shift and phenotypic plasticity of the Canestrini’s goby Ninnigobius canestrinii (Teleostei: Gobionellidae) introduced in a shallow freshwater lake (Italy)".

The introduction of N. canestrinii into a new environment offered the opportunity to assess (1) the phenotypic diversity between natural (stream) and introduced (lake) populations and (2) how the squamation and the head lateral line canal system of this benthic species responds to a shift along a hydrodynamic gradient. Additionally, because both traits are key taxonomic tools for gobiid fishes, this shift offers the opportunity to assess (3) the strength of these two morphological traits as taxonomic tools.


Ahnelt, H., Sauberer, M., Ramler, D., Koch, L., Pogoreutz, C. (2020). Negative allometric growth during ontogeny in the large pelagic filter-feeding basking shark. Zoomorphology, 139, 71–83.