Philipp Mitteröcker

Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. 

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I am a theoretical biologist and evolutionary biologist with strong interests in human and animal evolution, evolutionary medicine, biological anthropology, statistics, and the philosophy of science.

I have studied the development and evolution of human and primate anatomy, including the individual variation and perception of human faces, with medical applications to orthodontics. I am particularly interested in the interaction of developmental, environmental, and evolutionary processes. Another current research focus is on human childbirth: an evolutionary conundrum involving biological, environmental, and sociocultural dynamics.

I am fascinated by the analysis of complex biological data, including morphological, behavioral, and genetic data. I have contributed to modern morphometrics, the statistical analysis of biological form, as well as to multivariate biostatistics and quantitative genetics.

I am teaching morphometrics, statistics, theoretical and evolutionary biology at the University of Vienna and the University of Graz, and I am a directorial board member of the KLI Institute for Evolution & Cognition Research.

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Martinez-Abadias, N., Mitteröcker, P., Parsons, T. E., Esparza, M., Sjovold, T., Rolian, C., Richtsmeier, J. T., & Hallgrimsson, B. (2012). The Developmental Basis of Quantitative Craniofacial Variation in Humans and Mice. Evolutionary Biology, 39(4, SI), 554-567.

Posnien, N., Hopfen, C., Hilbrant, M., Ramos-Womack, M., Murat, S., Schoenauer, A., Herbert, S. L., Nunes, M. D. S., Arif, S., Breuker, C. J., Schlötterer, C., Mitteröcker, P., & McGregor, A. P. (2012). Evolution of Eye Morphology and Rhodopsin Expression in the Drosophila melanogaster Species Subgroup. PLoS ONE, 7(5).




Showing entries 61 - 80 out of 102