Simon Engelberger


Collection Manager (Zoological Collection)

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My interests are focused on vertebrate collections building, data basing and long-term preservation. To expand their full potential in research and education, specimen collections need to be well documented, accessible and maintained in a way that optimally preserves their physical integrity. As part of the University of Vienna's zoological collection management team, I am currently joining the ongoing specimen re-housing and data basing project.

I am also teaching courses on animal identification and zoological excursions.

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Kryštufek, B., Koren, T., Engelberger, S., Horváth, G. F., Purger, J. J., Arslan, A., Chisąmera, G., & Murariu, D. (2015). Fossorial morphotype does not make a species in water voles. Mammalia, 79(3), 293-303.

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