Master's Student


 About me

I am a Master`s student of Doz. Dr. Günter Gollmann and my thesis is about the population status and dynamics of Bufotes viridis (Laurenti, 1768) at a selected area in the Nationalpark Neusiedler See- Seewinkel. In Austria, the European Green Toad is considered as vulnerable and is listed in the Annex IV of the FFH- directive. Most of the primary habitats of B. viridis are destroyed, thus the species often inhabits heavily anthropogenically influenced areas. The steppe landscape of the Nationalpark Seewinkel is one of the last primary habitat of B. viridis as a pioneer species. My research will provide information about the population dynamics of the European Green toad in it`s natural habitat. It is fundamental to take further action plans for conservation of the species and ensure its persistence in their last remaining primary habitats.