Günter Gollmann

Doz. Dr.

Adjunct Associate Professor


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Teaching at the Univ. Vienna

 About me

My interests in evolution have long been centered on speciation, hybrid zones, dispersal and life-history variation. Most of my recent work deals with ecology and conservation of amphibians. A long-term study on population dynamics of yellow-bellied toads in the Vienna Woods has been running for 25 years.
I teach courses in evolutionary biology and amphibian ecology.

In 2019 I became editor-in-chief of Herpetozoa (https://herpetozoa.pensoft.net) and transformed it into an open access online journal. I am also editorial board member of Amphibia-Reptilia and Diversity.

In newly metamorphosed yellow-bellied toads the ventral pattern is not yet complete, but comparison of the throat pattern allows individual identification at recaptures.

 Selected publications

Hantzschmann, A.M., Gollmann, B., Gollmann, G., Sinsch, U. 2019. The fast–slow continuum of longevity among yellow-bellied toad populations (Bombina variegata): intrinsic and extrinsic drivers of variation. PeerJ 7: e8233.

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