Anne Le Maître

Mag. Dr.

Associated Researcher

 About me

My primary research interest is in the comprehension of the developmental and evolutionary mechanisms underlying body morphology in vertebrates. I use and develop diverse quantification tools (traditional and geometric morphometrics, Fourier analyses, spherical harmonics) and multivariate statistics (PCA, bgPCA, relative PCA, PCoA, 2B-PLS, partial warps) to explore the morphological diversity in extant and fossil species. I am skilled in digital imaging techniques (µCT-scanning, 3D-data reconstruction, image segmentation) and in programming using R and Matlab.

My current research focus is on the morphological variability, integration and evolvability of the ear in modern and fossil vertebrates. My research project Evolvability of the mammalian ear: A macroevolutionary approach is funded by the Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research, where I have my main affiliation.

Previously, I was part of the project "Evolvability of inner and middle ears in birds and mammals" (PI Philipp Mitteröcker, FWF grant number P33736). I also worked on genetic aspects of craniofacial development as part of the project "Developmental canalization in the human head" (PI Philipp Mitteröcker, FWF grant number P29397). Besides lab work, I have participated to palaeontological excavations in France (PI Xavier Valentin), in Burma (PIs Jean-Jacques Jaeger and Olivier Chavasseau) and in Greece (PIs Dimitris S. Kostopoulos and Gildas Merceron).

At the University of Vienna, I regularly teach practical courses in geometric morphometrics and multivariate statistics. In previous years at the University of Poitiers, France, I taught plant biology (histology, physiology, development, anatomy, botany), molecular biology, and bio-engineering, as well as palaeontology and geology (cartography, petrology, regional geology, sedimentology).

I am also an active member of the Société d'Anthropologie de Paris and the Editor-in-Chief of its scientific journal, the Bulletins et Mémoires de la Société d'Anthropologie de Paris (BMSAP).

 Selected publications

Goude G, Le Maître A, Bertrand B, Mounier A. (2024) Invasive, micro-invasive and non-invasive analyses of anthropobiological remains: what changes in current practices and recommendations? BMSAP, 36(1). DOI: 10.4000/bmsap.14170 [in French]

Le Maître A, Guy F, Merceron G, Kostopoulos DS. (2023) Morphology of the bony labyrinth supports the affinities of Paradolichopithecus with the Papionina. International Journal of Primatology, 44, 209–236. DOI: 10.1007/s10764-022-00329-4

Le Maître A, Daver G, Mounier A, Prat S, Villotte S, Noûs C. (2022) How to define humanity? A theoretical and empirical perspective. BMSAP, 34(2). DOI: 10.4000/bmsap.10434 [in French]

Grunstra NDS, Bartsch S, Le Maître A, Mitteroecker P. (2021) Detecting phylogenetic signal and adaptation in papionin cranial shape by decomposing variation at different spatial scales. Systematic Biology, 70(4), 694–706. DOI: 10.1093/sysbio/syaa093

Morlo M, Le Maître A, Bastl K, Engel T, Lutz H, Lischewsky B, von Berg A, Nagel D. (2021) First record of the mustelid Trochictis (Carnivora, Mammalia) from the early Late Miocene (MN 9/10) of Germany and a re-appraisal of the genus Trochictis. Historical Biology, 33(8), 1183–1195. DOI: 10.1080/08912963.2019.1683172

Le Maître A, Grunstra NDS, Pfaff C, Mitteroecker P. (2020) Evolution of the mammalian ear: An evolvability hypothesis. Evolutionary Biology, 47, 187–192. DOI: 10.1007/s11692-020-09502-0

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Le Maître A. (2019) Role of spatial integration in the morphology of the bony labyrinth in modern humans. BMSAP, 31(1-2), 34–42. DOI: 10.3166/bmsap-2018-0039 

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Le Maître A, Schuetz P, Vignaud P, Brunet M. (2017) New data about semicircular canal morphology and locomotion in modern hominoids. Journal of Anatomy, 231(1), 95–109. DOI:10.1111/joa.12619


Le Maître A, Bartsch S, Grunstra NDS, Mitteroecker P. (2020) prWarp: Warping Landmark Configurations. R package version 1.0.0.

Le Maître A, Mitteroecker P. (2020) vcvComp: Comparison of Variance-Covariance Patterns. R package version 1.0.2.