Eileen Leder

Master's Student


 Master's Thesis

Monitoring the European Green Toad (Bufotes viridis) in Donaufeld, Vienna
Supervisor: Günter Gollmann & Lukas Landler

 About me

I am a Master’s student of Doz. Dr. Günter Gollmann and currently preparing a thesis on the topic “Monitoring of the European Green Toad (Bufotes viridis) in Donaufeld, Vienna”.

Bufotes viridis is regarded as a pioneer species that inhabits new water bodies and habitats quickly. Recent studies show that the presence of Green Toads can be especially high in transformation areas such as construction sites. My study area the Donaufeld is currently undergoing construction, which included getting rid of the previous breeding site. A new compensation water was built to make up for the loss.

In my study I will monitor the current size and status of the Green Toad population in the Donaufeld and compare it to data from previous years. As Bufotes viridis is listed as vulnerable in Austria, monitoring of this endangered population is especially important for species conservation efforts